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Sr./Dr. Oralisa Martin, D. Min.

Sr./Dr. Oralisa Martin, D. Min., a native of New Orleans, LA and 3rd generation Haitian, is one of the
leading African American Catholic keynote speakers for diocesan programs, parish anniversaries,
conferences, and major church encounters in the United States. Sr. Martin  has ministered within 25
plus (arch) dioceses including Belize, Central America, and the Bahamas. Sister possesses the
charism to provide life- changing experiences for her people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and our Catholic faith.  Sr. Martin served as consultant for African American Catholics in Archdiocese
of Los Angeles under the auspices of Cardinal Roger Mahony. As consultant, she founded in 1986
the African American Catholic Catechetical Conference. Over the years, these conferences were the
pride and joy of thousands of Black Catholics of the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

African American Catholics assembled for workshops taught by Black Catholic theologians, liturgists, catechists, Black
musicians, Biblical scholars, and youth ministers. In 1986 it was Sr./Dr. Oralisa Martin who introduced to the Black Catholic
community of Los Angeles the identity of African American Catholicsinstead of Black Catholics in order to strengthen their
African identity within the Church. For Sister, the word, “Black” had no culture. We are of African ancestry!  At present, Sis.
/Dr. Oralisa Martin serves as president of ORACLE Religious Association (ORA),  based in Washington, DC. Sr. Oralisa
founded ORACLE Religious Association in 1992. ORACLE  is a Christian non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) and 509(a)
(1) status. It is designed to do ministry within the Roman Catholic Church. In 1996 Sr. Oralisa also founded the ORACLE Nat’
l Summer Institute for Youth, based too in Washington, DC. This ORACLE youth program is a life-changing experience for
youth. Known as ORACLE scholars the youth are in Christian leadership training for  17 days. They experience this personal
relationship with Jesus Christ, an understanding of Catholic liturgical worship, a love for the Church, and a longing to serve
the needy. The program trains youth for leadership and service within their parishes and even on diocesan boards.  Through
ORACLE Religious Association Sis./Dr. Oralisa Martin also conducts group retreats and individual women directed retreats.
Sis./Dr. has addressed the Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Peter Claver @ Nat’l Convention; hundreds of women sodalists
and women in Conferences like “The Women Christian Fellowship,” and “National Council of Negro Women” District of
Columbia Section #2, plus Nativity Catholic Church’s Sodality, DC. As evangelist, Sr. Martin travels extensively giving
ORACLE revivals across the country.  Many persons have experienced ORACLE Revivals as she calls the Catholic faith
community to prayer, forgiveness, reconciliation, healing, and a return to an ongoing Sacramental life.  Sis/Dr. Martin holds a
Masters degree in Religious Education from Loyola University, N. O., LA, a MTh degree from Xavier University, New Orleans,
and a Doctorate of Ministry degree (Summa Cum Laude) from Howard University School of Divinity, Washington, DC.